2010 / HD / 80 mins


A hidden enclave in the shadow of the New York Mets’ new stadium, the neigh-borhood of Willets Point is an industrial zone fated for demolition. Filled with scrapyards and auto salvage shops, lacking sidewalks or sewage lines, the area seems ripe for urban development. But Foreign Parts discovers a strange community where wrecks, refuse and recycling form a thriving commerce. Cars are stripped, sorted and cataloged by brand and part, then resold to an endless parade of drive-thru customers. Joe, the last original resident, rages and rallies through the street like a lost King Lear, trying to contest his imminent eviction. Two lovers, Sara and Luis, struggle for food and safety through the winter while living in an abandoned van. Julia, the homeless “queen of the junkyard,” exalts in her beatific visions of daily life among the forgotten. The film observes and captures the struggle of a contested “eminent domain” neighborhood before its disappearance under the capitalization of New York’s urban ecology.


纽约市政府将要拆迁的工业地区叫Willets Point,就在纽约大都会棒球队新主场的阴影笼罩下. 但《外来零件》揭露这个地方的又奇怪又多元的小区。在Willets Point 工作的人以靠回收二手汽车经济为生:来自各个国家的移民把汽车的零件拆除和回收。这部影片也描绘一些在废车场定住的人物:乔,76岁,这个废车场的唯一本地人,为了对抗市政府的拆迁计划往往到处都要跑。Sara and Luis, 一个夫妻住在一个二手的面包车里而为了生活每天要奋斗。胡丽亚,“废车场的皇后”,享受这边的破烂但很美的日常生活。Willets Point这个地区消失之前,这部影片反映出这边的人的坚强和努力。


Selected Screenings

Locarno Film Festival 63rd edition, 2010
New York Film Festival (Oc- tober 10th) 2010
Vancouver International
Film Festival 2010
Filmfest Hamburg 2010
Valdivia International Film
Festival 2010
Festival dei Popoli
Winner of Opera Prima (“Best First Feature”) Award
Winner of CINE CINEMA Special Jury Award